We love weddings. The most important day of your lives is also one of the most grateful moments of our work. That everything goes well is a responsibility but at the same time a great satisfaction for us who are part of the great memories left after the great day of your wedding. We have years of experience in the wedding industry. One of our main activities is providing DJ’s and all kinds of musical performances. Live music for ceremonies, appetizers, banquet or dance. Soloists, duos, trios, groups, orchestras, in short all kinds of musical formations that can be adapted to the needs of each couple and celebration.

In addition to the musical part, at an artistic level we also provide magicians, caricaturists, silhouettes, circus artists, mosquitoes, jugglers, clowns, and ultimately any kind of show or animation you may need. To complement the artistic performances and as an integral producer of shows for weddings and events we have the service of rental and assembly of all types of sound equipment, video and professional lighting.

So for example we can offer you the sound and audio recording of your ceremony, musically entertain both the appetizer and the banquet and give you the DJ’s stellar performance for the party. Of course we always adapt to the tastes of our clients so we usually hold a previous meeting with them to square the songs determined for the special moments or to have clear the music guide that should and should not sound at every moment of the wedding. We work with different DJ’s according to your musical tastes and you will always have direct contact with him from the first day to be able to organize everything as it deserves.

For the correct development of our work we have an infinite number of audiovisual solutions, such as perimeter sound speakers or line array according to the needs of coverage, television screens, projection or LED screens, and all kinds of lights and spotlights for spectacular and decorative lighting of facades or spaces.

One of our specialties are the rustic weddings, for which we have an infinity of own material for decorative lighting such as light garlands, festoon lights, micro light bulb curtains, letters and illuminated wooden numbers, marquee letters, battery-powered spotlights, wooden structures for creating starry LED skies or lighting wireless buffets, rustic DJ booths, etc. We have worked and do it regularly in countless farmhouses and spaces for weddings throughout Catalonia as well as in private houses and estates where we make the montages from scratch.
If you need help for your event in Barcelona just contact us. We can provide you sound, lighting, video, DJ desks, DJ booths, etc.